KLAC AGM & Award Presentation 2015/2016 Season

After another year of Little Athletics, we are finally at the pointy end of the season. We welcomed our new under 6 athletes and say good bye to our under 17 athletes.
We would also like to farewell Allan Savage who has been with KLAC for over 40 years!




After the AGM, awards were handed out, below is the list of awards and photos of those being presented.

Under 6 Inaugural Awards:
IMG_7898IMG_7897 IMG_7896 IMG_7895 IMG_7894 IMG_7893 IMG_7890 IMG_7888 IMG_7887 IMG_7886 IMG_7885 IMG_7884 IMG_7883 IMG_7882 IMG_7880











Service Awards:
IMG_7912IMG_7914 IMG_7915



Champion Awards:
IMG_7900 IMG_7901 IMG_7902 IMG_7903 IMG_7905 IMG_7906





IMG_7951IMG_7957 IMG_7955 IMG_7954 IMG_7953 IMG_7950 IMG_7949 IMG_7948 IMG_7947 IMG_7946 IMG_7945 IMG_7944 IMG_7942 IMG_7936 IMG_7926









IMG_7938IMG_7935 IMG_7931




IMG_7924 IMG_7922 IMG_7919 IMG_7906 IMG_7905 IMG_7903 IMG_7902 IMG_7901 IMG_7900

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