Kingsway’s Rosters for State Relay Championships

Dear Parents and Guardians of our Kingsway Athletes,

Please check the rosters below for tomorrow, without your assistance the State Relay Championships would not be viable. Please check your athletes events. It is highly recommended that athletes and parents arrive an 1 hour before their event.

2016 LAWA State Relay Program
Relay Rosters 2016
Relay Teams 4 x 100m
Relay Teams 4 x 200m – 4 x 400m
Relay Field Teams

Parents you will find that you are rostered on before your child’s event in most cases, this has been structured so that then you are able to watch your child’s event. Parents of  some of our Long Jumpers & Triple Jumpers you are actually on your child’s site, best vantage point.

Rosters have been structured to allow officials to be on site earlier and be ready to go at start time.

Anyone that has a Video camera, sort through your teams and try to have a video camera on each change over position, preferably all lanes and start and finish off changeover zone. if a protest goes to Jury of Appeal , video evidence is allowed (1st time).

THANK YOU in advance for your assistance in fulfilling your rosters.

Carol Hale
KLAC Chairman