Club Rosters

Equipment Roster
Clubs are rostered for the setting up & putting away of equipment and tents on all sites at Kingsway on each competition day.
Start Set-up at 6:30am, as first call for events will be 7:30am sharp.


Zone 3: Discus site + Shot Put site + Marshalling 2 + Bunting at end of Short track (Consists of laying 1 Tarp + set up 30mt of Rope at first Discus site + Setting up 6 Tents + Set up 30mt of Bunting)


Zone 2: High Jump site + Scissor Kick site (every second week) + 200mt starting area + 100mt starting area (Consists of Setting up 2 High Jump sites (+2 tents) + 2 Scissor Kick sites (+2 tents) (every second week) + 2 Tent’s at start 200mt + 3 Tent’s at start 100mt)


Zone 1: Long Jump & Triple Jump site + Marshalling Area 1 (Consists of Watering & Raking 6 Jump pit’s + Set up 30mt of Bunting + Set up 3 tents)


Zone 4: Javelin site + Turbo site (every second week) + Long Track Finish Line Area (Consists of Setting up 2 Javelin sites (+2 tents) + 2 Turbo sites (+2 tents) (every second week) + Set up 100mt of Bunting around the centre Javelin site + 2 Tents + 2 Tables)


Zone 5: Short track Finish Line Area + Hurdles (Consists of Setting up 2 Tents + 2 Tables + Put Hurdles out next to short track)

Equipment team: Announcer’s Desk + chair + Amplifier + connect to main speaker’s
Centre Captains: 4 Wireless Speakers to put out & cones around the track
Timing gates: Wanneroo

All clubs are expected to provide helpers to adjust the hurdles when they need to be changed for the various age groups during competition and then to remove them from the track when the hurdle events are finished.

Walks Roster
All clubs are to supply  Walk Judges on the programmes where walks are to take place.
Helen Hahn / Cheryl Peak will help train the  Walk Judges from your club if you don’t already have Walk Judges.

$100 Raffle Roster
Clubs are to provide at least one person to sell the numbers for the $100 fundraising raffle. Raffle sheets are available from the office. Once all numbers are sold, the money & raffle sheet is to be returned to the events coordinator for announcement of the winner.


  6th October Ballajura  
  13th October Greenwood  
  20th October Landsdale  
  27th October Wanneroo  
  3rd November Ballajura  
  10th November Woodvale  
  17th November Landsdale  
  24th November Greenwood  
  8th December Wanneroo  
  15th December Woodvale  


  12th January Greenwood
  19th January Landsdale
  26th January Ballajura
  2nd February Woodvale
  9th February Kingsway
  16th February Kingsway


Club Recording Roster
Clubs are to provide 2 people until the end of the competition day to do the checking of the recording sheets in the office each Competition day ready for the results to be entered into the Centre’s computer. The Centre Records & Ranking Officer will explain how the checking of the recording sheets should be completed.


6th October Woodvale
13th October Ballajura
20th October Greenwood
27th October Landsdale
3rd November Woodvale
10th November Wanneroo
17th November Greenwood
24th November Landsdale
8th December Ballajura
15th December Wanneroo


12th January Ballajura
19th January Woodvale
26th January Landsdale
2nd February Greenwood
9th February Woodvale / Landsdale
16th February Wanneroo / Ballajura / Greenwood

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